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Friday, March 07, 2003

More from David Warren

More good stuff from north of the border:
Assisted by his poetical foreign minister, Dominique de Villepin, France's President Jacques Chirac has identified a "logic of peace" in opposition to the U.S. "logic of war". This "logic of peace" requires the French and their supporters (with Canada trying to occupy the non-existent middle ground) to embrace the premise of a bald lie -- the "success" of inspections -- in the specific hope of preserving one of the most hideous dictators on the face of the earth from the action that would remove him.

There are not two "logics" -- I advise my reader to be always alert to such verbal fraud. This one begins with the notion that there can be "peace" when one is living under a violent threat. It is a false logic that was spawned, unfortunately, by the experience of the Cold War, when we all lived under a threat that never materialized; because our Soviet enemy was sane, and finally agreed to collapse without a nuclear war. But we are now dealing with enemies whose sanity cannot be presumed upon.

There is one reality, not two; both sides cannot be right. "Old Europe" is working on the logic of an alternative universe, where "9/11" did not happen, and the proliferation of genocidal weaponry among the West's most lethal and reckless enemies is not happening. They posit an international order that has ceased to exist -- one in which they imagine it is safe to break the solidarity of the civilized nations.

They think, or at least hope, that it will never happen to them if they continue to pander to the Islamofascists. Their aim is to direct all of the Islamofascist terror toward the U.S. and toward Israel.

I guess they've never read the fable of the frog and the scorpion.

God help them when their "logic" meets up with that of the Islamofascists, up close and personal.


A liberal worth listening to

Give this a thoughtful read. Michael J. Totten has it exactly right, in my view.

I'll also say that the right could use some introspection of the same kind when it comes to domestic policies. I've been a Republican since the mid '70s, and even I'm getting tired of the Republican right's obsession with reducing the tax burden borne by the super-rich.

Could this be the start of the rebirth of the great American center? I hope so.

Monday, March 03, 2003

Oooh, that's gotta hurt

Vox Day, at WorldNetDaily, concerning some recent comments from Janeane Garafolo:
The most amusing thing about the whole situation is that celebrities like Ms. Garofalo are becoming rather defensive about their right to hold an opinion. Of course you have a right to speak out, poor darling, but those of us who have actually read more than six books in our lives have the right to tell you that your opinion is baseless nonsense as we laugh at you.
Or, in other words, freedom of speech does not equal freedom from criticism.

Except for our friends on the left, of course. Their opinions are always right, and criticism from the right has to be an attempt to oppress them.

Of course, if the left would weed out its own nutcases, those of us on the right wouldn't have to.


This really is over the top

A new retirement destination for Saddam Hussein:
North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has offered political asylum to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, according to a front page story in Sunday's South China Morning Post.
Truly a fate worse than death, I'd say.


Line 'em up and watch 'em fall

Joel Mowbray, on the "democracy domino theory":
Regardless of what people think about the connections between Saddam and al Qaeda, there is no denying that a stable, democratic Iraq would serve as a bulwark against terrorism. A free Iraq would not just be an active partner in the war on terror, but its very existence would sap the recruitment strength of the worldwide terror network -- and that factor would spread to neighboring nations as freedom does.

Terrorism can exist in free nations -- look at Spain, Mexico, or even the terror cells in the United States -- but it cannot flourish. Radicalism spawns far more frequently under radical leadership. If people breathe free and have hope for the future, the impetus for signing up with al Qaeda is nearly gone. Finding people willing to lose everything is a lot harder when people actually have something to lose.

This is the nightmare scenario for the foreign and domestic opponents of the U.S. effort in Iraq. If we succeed in deposing Saddam's regime and reclaiming freedom for the Iraqi people to determine their own destiny, we will have demonstrated the bankruptcy at the core of our opponents' ideology.

We propose to deliver power to the Iraqi people. Our opponents defend totalitarian power over the Iraqi people.

Which do you think the Iraqis prefer?


A Canadian with Clue™

Here is a marvelous article by David Warren. A sample:
It is human nature, only to remember the times when you were right, and so the people who are never right must be content with remembering nothing.

Whereas "the right", as it is called, in the U.S. and elsewhere, has this notoriously long memory. It is almost the definition of what is today called a "conservative" -- a word that fails to convey the philosophical position. But I will take it to mean: that a "conservative" is a person who can remember today what he learned yesterday.

What we learned yesterday, and must constantly re-learn, is that when a power arises and grows in the world, that publicly threatens our very existence, we will sooner or later have to confront it. And, sooner is invariably better than later.

It is perhaps the simplicity of that idea that our clever people find so unappealing. For the "logic" of self-defence takes only one step, there is no cumbersome parade of reason.

And, while you are at Mr. Warren's website, you should also read this article, concerning the peace marches from a couple of weeks ago. A sample:
Today is peace march day. Around the world, and especially across Europe, perhaps millions will march in solidarity with Saddam Hussein; while the people of Iraq continue to live under one of this world's most murderous and vicious dictatorships, glumly anticipating American liberation, but fearing they'll be let down once again.

Chic exponents of abortion on demand will accuse President Bush of wanting to kill Iraqi babies; socialist proponents of public theft will accuse him of trying to steal Iraqi oil; and people whose safety and freedom have been guaranteed by U.S. military protection all their lives, will chant that "Amerika" is a fascist country.

It is a scene of human depravity, worthy of description by the Hebrew prophets.

Read all of Mr. Warren's articles. You won't regret it.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

And the Clue™ sinks in...

I see that some of the "human shields" have decided to go home from their posts in Iraq.
One of the nine said: 'When I saw the army base I was to be assigned to, my whole body started to tremble with fear. I could foresee the whole base being obliterated by cruise missiles.'

Another said: 'All my family and friends have been telling me I must be mad to be a human shield. Seeing what is really involved, I have now come to my senses.'

So much for their superior morality and principles.

I've spent a good deal of time trying to decide what I think of these people and their domestic compatriots who didn't find it necessary to join the peace pilgramage to Baghdad. My first impression was that they were well-meaning but naive -- that they foolishly believed in the pacifism that they were mouthing.

Now, I've decided that they are nothing more than exhibitionists. They want to parade themselves on the media stage in an attempt to impress the rest of us with how earnest they are and how progressive their ideals are. They want the rest of us to think less of ourselves because we are not willing to put ourselves on display for our beliefs.

I wonder how that crow they are dining on tastes to them now

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