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Sunday, March 30, 2003

Facts can be so inconvenient

Here's the best answer I've seen to Professor Nicholas "a million Mogadishus" De Genova, from Cato the Youngest:
Estimates of the Somali death toll at Mogadishu range from 500 to 1,000. Take the low number, and its a 500:18, or 27.7: 1, kill ratio. The CIA World Factbook - Iraq estimates the population of Iraq at a bit over 24,000,000. What the hell, let's round up to 25 million - 25,000,000 / 500 = 50,000.

There aren't anywhere near enough Iraqis for a million Mogadishus, even if you hand out AK-47s to the toddlers. (And what would De Genova think of giving guns to children?)

The way I figure it, Cato, Professor De Genova must be asking us to add a few more members to the Axis of Evil.

In that subtle, roundabout way that the antiwar leftists use to confuse us warmongering Neanderthals, of course.

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