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Saturday, May 03, 2003

Keeping it simple

Michael Ledeen, on President Bush's speech from the U.S.S Abraham Lincoln:
George W. is the most amazing president. How could anyone have imagined that such a man, who lacks all the credentials to conduct foreign policy (he hasn't traveled, he hasn't studied foreign cultures, he doesn't speak foreign languages, his knowledge of world history is skimpy, and he hasn't memorized the last decade of the New York Times) would turn out to have the best foreign-policy instincts imaginable? He reminds me more and more of Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan. He has the most important quality of a great leader: He instinctively finds the words to express what the American people believe. And his are simple words, not fancy ones.
Let's see -- Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan were both derided as inadequate to be President by the political intelligentsia of their day, and both of them turned out to be well up to the task, as well as greatly admired by the American people.

Mighty good company for GWB to be running with, isn't it?

(via a comment at Little Green Footballs)

Sunday, April 27, 2003

She says it better

From my point of view, the final word on the Texas sodomy case goes to Mrs. du Toit:
As much as I support gays and feel personally that they may live their lives according to their own standards, I will not compromise my position on the role of the court and the standards of the Constitution.

It is DANGEROUS to establish precedent in these cases.

Do we really want the Federal government to have the power to decide what kind of sex people can and cannot have? I don't want the Federal government to HAVE that much power. If we give them the power to decide it in this case, we have given the Federal government the authority to decide these matters. Once we have given them that power, we'll never get it away from them.

Wouldn't it be nice if we had more judges that thought like that?

Of course, if we had judges like that, we'd probably not need quite so many of them.

Sounds like a good idea to me.


Some more love for Dennis

More kudos for columnist Dennis Rogers from my hometown newspaper, the News & Observer:
Don't be lulled into thinking the danger has passed just because much of the war news has moved off the front page. There are still a lot of worried parents and spouses who would feel better knowing their prayers are not the only ones being lifted for those they love.

"I've had wonderful support from my family, friends, church and co-workers," Lori Tingen said. "They've shown me that this child, my baby boy, truly belongs to this community and not just to me."

So if you have a good thought to spare, think of Cpl. Clint Tingen, Apex High School Class of 1997, and his buddies in the 2nd MP Battalion, U.S. Marine Corps.

I know his mama and the folks on Tingen Road would appreciate it. They're still worried about their boy.

And while we're at it, lets not forget our military folks in other dangerous places in the world right now, such as Afghanistan, Korea, Bosnia, etc. They all need our prayers and support too, especially since they aren't in the limelight right now. They are doing what they do for us, too.

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